Cleo & Gladwin

On behalf of myself and husband we give a big thank you to the staff of Usambara and everyone that contributed in making our wedding so special and memorable.

To Steven you have been a great host and out done yourself in making sure the day is everything we hoped for and more. I must say it was better than we ever expected it to be. You have an amazing talent and quality in people skills and event management. May God enlarge you in your field and bless you exceedingly and abundantly.

To Karen, you have done an amazing job on the admin side and behind the scenes. We have been well served and our guest still can’t stop talking on the service they received. We did not encounter any fault with our booking, and everything was just the way we requested it to be. You rock.

To Johan, WOW WOW WOW you and your team did a stunning job with the decor in fact you outdone yourself. The venue looked amazing. Elegance was all I saw in that venue. I could not have asked for a better decor designer. You exceeded our expectations. Thank you to you in Steven in the way you guys served the guests. Done in pure friendliness yet still so professional. You have an amazing talent and gift and certainly can go far with that gifting. So may God increase the gift on your life and may He increase you in your field.

To Cecile, thank you for always being so accommodative with new dates and for your hospitality. You have been very kind and always showed a sense of care when it came to arranging new dates. You have been awesome.

To all the staff a massive thank you…

From Cleo and Gladwin