Neo & Eugene Testimonial

Good day
I hope this email finds everyone well
This email may be a bit delayed but we all know that sometimes it can be a bit hectic after a wedding with family especially in this December season but I wanted to write this email in a my own private space so that I can express our greatest gratitude.
14 December 2019, I must say we had an amazing “out of this world” wedding. Looking back at the videos and pictures makes us feel like we were in paradise ☺
For the above reason, we would like to say thank you to Usambara and its whole team.
The treatment received from the whole team was just so special, from the start of the wedding preparations to the day after the wedding.
Cecile, thank you for the warm welcome and constant follow ups and updates. You keeping in touch and checking on us made us feel like we are the most important people 🤗 and thank you so much for that.
One thing I won’t forget that really touched me is when me and Eugene came to discuss decor arrangements with Steven and Johan and you called and asked to speak to me. On the call you apologised for not being present as you were not feeling well and further to that offered to still come if I really needed you. That is the kind of humanity you have in you that will definitely continue to make a success our of Usambara. God bless you for your beautiful self.
Steven and Johan, thank you for the wonderful decor and flower work. I almost cried when I saw my bouquet, it was extremely beautiful. You are both extremely friendly and sincere. You both make a great team 👌😉
Karen, thank you for the wonderful food tasting session and thank you Mitchelle for the beer arrangements, especially allowing us to bring in our own alcohol. When the MC said “open bar” i must say that was a spectacular moment for me and Eugene 😅 knowing very well that our guests love “FREE” alcohol 🙈
Colbert and the rest of the staff (accommodation staff and the staff who to took care of my wedding proceedings), thank you so much for your friendly and professional service.
The accommodation service was just that word- accommodative 😊 clean, fresh and top class. We slept and woke up feeling so amazing and happy. Breakfast was super amazing. Oooh my my my… the bridal suite is was the best part. Beautiful room that made me feel like a queen 😊
Thank you DJ for the beautiful music and I’ll also include our thanks to the wonderful service given by Pastor Callie.
Everyone was just so Kind, professional, thoughtful, patient, practical, creative and always available to assist.
Having said all the above, we had an amazing, elegant, magnificent and perfect wedding. We had no downfall at all. For me, I had the kind of wedding a little would dream of and even more.
I wish you all well and pray to God that he may continue to bless your work and may you all have a prosperous life ahead.
Thank you once again and we love you all.
Kindest regards

Neo and Eugene